Now More Than Ever: Justice for All

Here in New Mexico, as across the nation, the economic effects of COVID-19 are making a significant impact on the people of our state, and the results could be particularly damaging for vulnerable New Mexicans.

More than ever, we need the resources that civil legal services will bring to deal with the thousands of new cases around the state. Now more than ever, when people are hurting and need us, our legal system will respond to create access to justice for all. 

We must make sure the law is applied equally to all New Mexicans and that everyone has access to the court system. Additionally, it is essential to eliminate barriers to the civil justice system that deny justice and keep people in poverty, such as racial inequities. 

With COVID-19, a wave of civil cases will hit New Mexico’s courts, and civil legal service providers are preparing to meet the demand. If you have a civil legal issue, and can’t afford representation, you can call 833-LGL-HELP. Someone from the civil legal aid community will talk to you and try to assist you in your legal case or provide helpful information that you can use to represent yourself.

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