LSC engages in several programs and initiatives to help improve our civil legal aid problem in America.

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Justice Gap Report 2022

Justice Gap Research

LSC’s Justice Gap Research advance our commitment to funding civil legal assistance for Americans who would be otherwise unable to afford it by providing high-quality data about the gap between the need for civil legal assistance and its availability in low-income America.


Public Library Initiative

LSC and its partner, OCLC, have designed and delivered a free national online training program on civil legal information and services for public library staff.

Statewide Website Evaluation Project

With generous funding from the Ford Foundation, LSC led a large-scale assessment of the quality and usability of state and territory legal information websites across the country.

The Effect of State & Local Laws on Evictions

LSC Evictions Study

A congressionally-directed study to investigate evictions as a legal process and the scope of unmet legal needs involving eviction at the state and local level.