Program Letters

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24-3April 29, 2024

Statutory Changes to Required Proportion of Attorneys on Grantee Governing Bodies

Please see also:

•  FAQ for Part 1607 Changes

 Part 1607 Open Rulemaking

Program Letter 24-3 (PDF)

24-2April 1, 2024Employee Incentive Payment Guidance

Program Letter 24-2 (PDF)

24-1March 4, 2024Non-Citizen Eligibility Under 45 C.F.R. Part 1626

Program Letter 24-1 (PDF)

23-3October 16, 2023Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 23-3 (PDF)

23-2May 12, 2023Revenue Recognition Guidance

Program Letter 23-2 (PDF)

23-1May 12, 2023LSC Investment Requirements and Guidance

Program Letter 23-1 (PDF)

22-6December 14, 2022Revised Part 1635 Certification Form for Part-Time Employees

Program Letter 22-6 (PDF)

22-5November 10, 2022New Financial Guide

Program Letter 22-5 (PDF)

22-4November 10, 2022Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 22-4 (PDF)

22-3August 26, 202245 C.F.R. 1610 Program Integrity Compliance Guidance and Governing Body Certification

Program Letter 22-3 (PDF)

22-2August 24, 2022Reproductive Services

Program Letter 22-2 (PDF)

22-1March 5, 2022Permissibility of Texting Defendants Who Have Been Sued For Eviction

Program Letter 22-1 (PDF)

21-3September 22, 2021Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 21-3 (PDF)

21-2March 11, 2021LSC Excess Fund Balance Waiver Blanket Approval –
FYE 12/31/2020 and FYE 1/31/2021

Program Letter 21-2 (PDF)

21-1March 12, 2021Indirect Costs and Special Grants

Program Letter 21-1 (PDF)

20-6October 20, 2020Technology Costs for PAI Volunteers

Program Letter 20-6 (PDF)

20-5October 1, 2020Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 20-5 (PDF)

20-4April 30, 2020Revenue Recognition Guidance

Program Letter 23-2 (PDF)

20-3April 10, 2020Charging to LSC Funds Pandemic-Related Paid Administrative Leave and Other Costs Related to Maintaining Readiness

Program Letter 20-3 (PDF)

20-2April 2, 2020Part 1626 Eligibility Documentation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Program Letter 20-2 (PDF)

20-1February 18, 2020Nepotism: Avoiding Favoritism in the Workplace

Program Letter 20-1 (PDF)

19-1August 21, 2019Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 19-1 (PDF)

18-3October 17, 2018Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 18-3 (PDF)

18-2August 29, 2018Application of 45 C.F.R. § 1630.5(g) Exception for Certain Indirect Costs

Program Letter 18-2 (PDF)
Training Module: Indirect Cost Allocation

18-1January 30, 2018Outside Employment Policy Drafting Guidance

Program Letter 18-1 (PDF)

17-1November 21, 2017Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 17-1 (PDF)

16-7August 19, 2016Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 16-7 (PDF)

16-6August 10, 2016Automated Systems for Financial-Eligibility Information Collection and Screening

Program Letter 16-6 (PDF)

August 4, 2016Outcomes Data Collection Toolkit and Training Modules

Program Letter 16-5 (PDF)

16-4June 22, 2016LSC Funds as Matching Funds for Victims of Crime Act Grants

Program Letter 16-4 (PDF)
OVC Letter Regarding LSC funds for Matching (June 16, 2016)

16-3June 22, 2016Procurement Policy Drafting Guidance for LSC Recipients

Program Letter 16-3 (PDF)
Procurement Policy Drafting 101—Guidance for LSC Grantees
Appendix A—Best Practices for Negotiating and Drafting Contracts

16-2May 19, 2016Electronic Signatures and LSC Requirements for "Signed" Documents

Program Letter 16-2 (PDF)

16-1May 9, 2016Part 1614 PAI Allocation and Fees Paid to Other Professionals

Program Letter 16-1 (PDF)

15-6December 16, 2015Self-Inspection of 2015 CSR Data 

Program Letter 15-6 

15-5 (2)November 19, 2015Permissible Representation of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Program Letter 15-5 (2) 

15-5 (1)August 17, 2015Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 15-5 (1)

15-4April 15, 2015Access to Records Protocol

Program Letter 15-4 (PDF)
2015 Access to Records Protocol

15-3April 2, 2015Enforcement Mechanisms Overview

Program Letter 15-3 (PDF)

15-2February 23, 2015Fiduciary Duties of Members of a Recipient's Governing Body

Program Letter 15-2 

15-1February 23, 2015Eligible Client Members for Recipients' Governing Bodies

Program Letter 15-1 

14-5December 11, 2014Self-Inspection of 2014 CSR Data

Program Letter 14-5 
Certification Form 
Summary Form 
Case Review Form 
Sample Selection Procedure 

14-4December 2, 2014LSC Funds as Matching Funds for Grants Funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service

Program Letter 14-4 
CNCS Letter - LSC Funds for Matching 

14-3October 29, 2014Assessing Eligibility of Aliens Under 45 C.F.R. § 1626.4(c)(1)

Program Letter 14-3 

14-2May 19, 2014Alien Eligibility Under 45 C.F.R. Part 1626

Program Letter 14-2 
1626 Eligibility Chart 

14-1February 24, 2014Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 14-1 

13-5December 3, 2013Restrictions on Lobbying and Other Activities
See also: AO-2014-005

Program Letter 13-5 

13-3 September 12, 2013Restrictions on Lobbying and Other Activities
See also: Program Letter 13-5, above, and AO-2014-005

Program Letter 13-3

13-2May 14, 2013Advisory Regarding Recent Bank Deposit Insurance Changes

Program Letter 13-2

13-1February 15, 2013Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 13-1

12-3November 8, 2012Criminal Proceedings in Tribal Courts

Program Letter 12-3  

12-2April 2, 2012Compliance Guidance

Program Letter 12-2 

12-1March 21, 2012Restrictions on Lobbying Activities

Program Letter 12-1 

11-2November 30, 2011Representation of aliens in Hague Convention Cases

Program Letter 11-2

11-1September 14, 201145 CFR Part 1608 Compliance Advisory

Program Letter 11-1 

10-3November 18, 2010Third-Party Contracting of TIG Funds

Program Letter 10-3 

10-2July 1, 2010Embezzlement, Fraud, and the Critical Importance of Effective Internal Control

Program Letter 10-2 

10-1February 18, 2010Supplemental Guidance on Attorneys’ Fees

Program Letter 10-1 

09-3December 17, 2009Compliance Guidance and Interim Guidance on Attorney Fees

Program Letter 9-3 

08-3 December 18, 2008Compliance Guidance (Program Advisory)

Program Letter 8-3

08-2March 20, 2008Fiscal Management and Use of LSC Funds (Program Advisory)

Program Letter 8-2

07-2December 20, 2007Guidance to LSC Programs for the Development of Enhanced Private Attorney Involvement

Program Letter 7-2 

06-2February 21, 2006Violence Against Women Act 2006 Amendments

Superseded by revisions to Part 1626

05-3December 8, 2005LSC Guidance on Programs’ Response to Hurricane Katrina

Program Letter 5-3 
Cover Memo 

05-2 October 6, 2005Eligibility of Immigrant Victims of Severe Forms of Trafficking and Family Members of Legal Services 

Superseded by revisions to Part 1626

December 6, 2004Services to Client Eligible Individuals with Limited English   Proficiency

Program Letter 04-2 
Cover Memo 
LEP Guidance 

03-2April 16, 2003Special CSR Reporting of Title III & Title IV Older Americans Act Cases

Program Letter 03-2 

02-9October 16, 2002Revisions to Matters Service Reports   

Program Letter 02-9 
Matters Report Stat Forms 
Matters Narrative 
Matters Definitions
Matters Data Collections

02-6June 6, 2002Limitation of Defaults in Case Management Software

Program Letter 

02-4April 25, 2002Characteristics of a Telephone Intake, Advice and Referral System  

Program Letter 

02-3January 22, 2002State Planning Configuration Standards

Program Letter 
Configuration Standards

02-2January 22, 2002State Planning and The Reconfiguration

Program Letter

01-6November 28, 2001Change in Disbursement of Calendar year 2002 Grant Checks

Program Letter

01-5July 25, 2001Elimination of Exception to CSR Financial Eligibility Documentation Requirement Effective Calendar Year 2002

Program Letter

01-3June 20, 2001Interim Guidance on 45 CFR Part 1639 in Light of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Legal Services Corporation v. Velazquez, et al.

Program Letter

(Building  A Stronger Foundation:  A Framework for planning and Evaluating Comprehensive, Integrated and Client-Centered State Justice Communities)

Program Letter

August 31, 20001635 Certification

Program Letter 

2000-2January 24, 2000Alien Eligibility for Legal Services (45 C.F.R. § 1626 et seq.)

Program Letter 00-2

99-4July 26, 1999Semi-Annual Reports and Information Survey

Program Letter 99-4
Data Survey 

99-3July 14, 1999Documentation of Asset Determinations and Citizenship/Alien Eligibility

Program Letter 99-3

98-5July 2, 1998Case Information Disclosure -- Semiannual reports Required by 45 C.F.R. Part 1644

Program Letter 98-5

97-2December 8, 1997Recordkeeping Requirements

Program Letter 97-2

97-1October 30, 1997Certification of
Program Integrity

Certification Memo 
Certification Instructions
Certification Guide 

96-2June 14, 1996Priorities

Program Letter 96-2
Sample Agreement
Suggested List of Priorities