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This section contains guidance, model practices, toolkits, trainings and additional resources for LSC grant recipients.

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Grantee Guidance

As the country’s largest civil legal aid funder for low-income Americans, LSC provides guidance to its grantees and subgrantees on a range of subject matters.

Key Dates and Activities

Basic Field Grant – June 10, 2021

Thank you for attending LSC’s Basic Field Grant Orientation Webinar on May 26. We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for your reference as you complete your application.

Many of the questions in the FAQ were pulled from questions asked during the May 26 webinar. In some cases, we have revised questions to appeal to the broader audience and have combined questions, where appropriate. We also added questions sent from grantees to lscgrants@lsc.gov and questions raised directly with program liaisons. In some instances, we are still working to find answers to a few questions and will continually update this FAQ, which is available on LSC’s website. The cover sheet and at the bottom of each page will indicate when the latest update occurred. If you have any additional questions, please send them to lscgrants@lsc.gov. We often reference GrantEasesupport@lsc.gov and LSCgrants@lsc.gov as options for additional support. These email boxes are regularly monitored, and responses are provided as timely as possible.

We are providing links to useful resources below:

Cybersecurity Training

The 2022 Basic Field Grant Terms and Conditions require that all grantees engage in annual cybersecurity training. LSC is offering cybersecurity training to all its grantees. Here are some useful links to information about the training that LSC provides and what is required if grantees choose to use  another option for cybersecurity training:


US Capitol Building at Night

Assessment Visit Reports

LSC staff assess grantee operations as part of LSC’s grants oversight responsibilities. LSC’s Office of Program Performance assesses the grantees’ quality of the delivery of legal services while the Office of Compliance and Enforcement assesses grantees’ compliance with statutory, regulatory, fiscal and other requirements.

Technology Initiative Grant

Learn about the TIG Grant and how to prepare an application.

Disaster Relief Emergency Grant

Learn about the Disaster Relief Emergency Grant and how to prepare an application.

meetings with scales of justice

Grantee Trainings

LSC supports the promotion of equal access to justice through high-quality, efficient, and comprehensive Training and Technical Assistance practices, tools, and resources.

Model Practices and Innovations

Showcasing innovations, best practices, and technical assistance in civil legal aid. These resources are a collection of ideas, innovations, projects, and best practices. 

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LSC is moving to a unified grants management system - GrantEase - where users will be able to apply for and manage their grants with us.

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