The use of technology in legal aid programs is constantly evolving in ways that increase efficiency and enhance service delivery for LSC grantees. The Best Practices Corner’s technology resources are designed to help grantees understand the current state of technology in legal aid offices, plan for future developments, and review successful projects and systems.

Technology Use Data 

An overview of the technology solutions being implemented by our grantees is provided in the charts on this page. The data is collected on an annual basis; the purpose of this information is to provide insight into the technology decisions of LSC’s grantees.


Information technology plays an increasingly important role in the delivery of legal services to low-income people. Accordingly, LSC encourages organizations to engage in comprehensive technology planning that covers current and planned uses of IT in all facets of program operations, including how the program is using and will use technology to innovate and improve processes.

Programs should consult the document, “Technologies That Should Be in Place in a Legal Aid Office Today”—which was originally published by LSC in 2008 and revised in 2015—when preparing their technology plans. The document defines the technology capacities that its grantees should have in place or have available to them through a vendor or partner in the access to justice community. It also includes baselines for new technologies, including mobile devices, cloud computing, social media and enhanced security policies, as well as updates resources, useful websites, and other tools.


Topics in technology, such as business continuity and mapping data using a geographic information system (GIS), are detailed in this section.

Legal Aid Tech Toolkits

In 2018, the Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP), along with Idealware—a nonprofit that provides resources about software to help other nonprofits make smart software decisions—released four toolkits for the legal aid community on several important topics.

Projects and Case Studies

Many LSC grantees are undertaking new, innovative technological projects that improve efficiency and their delivery of legal services. Here are a few.

Strategic Partnership

LSC has partnered with various organizations to evaluate existing technology systems and make the case for improvements and innovation.


View a collection of the most widely used resources in the legal aid technology community, as well as those that can help legal services providers leverage technology to more efficiently and effectively deliver assistance to low-income Americans.

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