How to Apply for a Technology Initiative Grant

The LSC Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) program funds technology projects to provide greater access to high quality legal assistance and information for low-income Americans. Learn about the eligibility requirements, application information and resources to apply for a Technology Initiative Grant.

Funding Availability

The TIG FY2023 Funding Cycle opened in mid-January 2023. The appropriation for Technology Initiative Grants for FY2023 is $5,000,000. Please view the funding notice for more information.

Event Date
TIG Program Announcement January 17, 2023
TIG Pre-Application Webinar February 2, 2023
Technical Assistance Calls with Regional TIG Staff February to Early March 2023
Pre-Application Due (General Category) March 10, 2023
Launch of Technology Improvement Project Application System April 10, 2023
Launch of New Adoption, Enhancement, and Expansion Application April 10, 2023
Invitation for Full Applications (General Category) Mid-April, 2023
Technology Improvement Project Applications Due May 19, 2023
Adoption, Enhancement, and Expansion Applications Due May 19, 2023
Full Applications Due (General Category) June 2, 2023
Award Announcements October 2023
The 2023 TIG Pre-Application and Funding Cycle Overview Webinar is schedule for February 2, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. EST.
How to Apply for a Technology Initiative Grant
Submit a Pre-Application

The TIG application process in the General TIG category begins with the submission of a brief Pre-Application to apply for funding. The submission of a Pre-Application enables a prospective grantee to get feedback on their project idea. We invite full proposals for those projects that have a reasonable chance of success in the grant competition process based on LSC’s analysis of the information provided in the Pre-Application. Below are links to the Pre-Application Resource Guide and Pre-Application Module. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact TIG staff with any questions or to get information about prior TIG projects. Please note that applicants for Technology Improvement Projects and the new Adoption, Expansion, and Enhancement categories do not need to submit Pre-Applications.

Please register for the 2023 TIG Pre-Application Webinar recording scheduled for February 2, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. EST/10:00 a.m. PST by clicking here.

Submit a Full TIG Application

For proposals in the General TIG category, LSC invites successful pre-applicants to submit a Full Application in the LSC GrantEase online system. Full applications are due on June 2, 2023.


Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) applicants must be current grantees of LSC Basic Field-General, Basic Field-Migrant, or Basic Field-Native American grants. Although other entities are not eligible to apply, they are encouraged to participate as project partners.

Applicants must be up to date according to the milestone/payment schedule on any existing TIG projects prior to submitting a new TIG application. TIGs will not be awarded to any applicant unless the applicant has made satisfactory progress on all TIGs previously awarded to it and is not currently subject to any short funding (i.e., less than one year) on basic field grants.

How to Apply for a Technology Improvement Project
More about the Technology Improvement Project Grant

Technology Improvement Projects (TIP) grants are available to fund a technology assessment, information security audit, business process improvement, or technology planning process. The maximum amount for funding requests in this category is $35,000, and they are 12- or 18-month projects. TIP applications are shorter and simpler than a full TIG application and will launch on April 10, 2023. There is no Pre-Application or invitation requirement.


Submit a Technology Improvement Project Application

Technology Improvement Project (TIP) applications will be available in GrantEase, LSC's online grant management system, by April 10, 2023. TIP applications are due on May 19, 2023.



Technology Improvement Project applicants must be current grantees of LSC Basic Field-General, Basic Field-Migrant, or Basic Field-Native American grants that are not subject to short-funding (i.e., funding less than one year) on their basic field grant award. Applicants must be up-to-date according to the milestone/payment schedule on any existing TIG projects before submitting a TIP application.

GrantEase Training Resources and Videos

Visit the GrantEase Training page for more information on completing your Technology Initiative Grant application. All TIG-specific trainings will be posted on this page, including video guides (see Special Grants Videos) and user manuals with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for completing a pre-application or application in GrantEase.

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Reach out if you have questions about our current funding cycle or past awards.

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