Mobile Technology Project Examples (Replicable TIG Projects)

TIG 15031 – Ohio State Legal Services – Attorney App Project

TIG funding supported the development of the Ohio Legal Services Assistance App for both Android and iOS mobile devices. This app provides useful tools and information to Ohio legal aid attorneys that enable them to more effectively and efficiently advise their clients on several issues. Features include a calculator designed to help attorneys determine a client’s eligibility for various public benefit programs, an offline version of rules or procedure for Ohio’s state and federal courts, a referral database of resources sortable by county and category, and a case system interface that allows for easy time-entry for lawyers working remotely. The app also piloted two mobile document assembly interviews built in HotDocs.  

Final Report: TIG 15031 Ohio Mobile App Project

TIG 15039 – Montana Legal Services Association – Mobile Enhancement Project

Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) utilized TIG funding to launch the Montana Mobile Enhancement Project. The goal of this project was to create a system-wide mobile interface enhancement that enables low-income Montanans to easily, efficiently, and effectively apply for and obtain MLSA’s services. By creating a mobile interface, this model allows Montanans who may only have access to the internet through their mobile devices to gain civil legal aid. The project added SMS texting capacity to the Legal Server case management system, enhanced the mobile online intake process, enhanced the mobile functionality of MLSA’s legal information website, and added the ability to push and pull data to clients using mobile devices.

Final Report: TIG 15039 Montana Mobile Enhancements

TIG 14017 – Legal Assistance of Western New York – SMS Mobile Reminders Project

Legal Assistance of Western New York utilized TIG funding to incorporate SMS text messaging into its practice by building out features in the Legal Server case management system that support secure, recorded text communications with clients. Advocates can incorporate communication with clients into their workflow, and all text messages are recorded within the case file in Legal Server. Advocates can also send their clients text messages directly from their case file interface. This project utilized an integration with Twilio API. 

Final Report: TIG 14017 Western New York Mobile SMS Project 

TIG 10015 - Pine Tree Legal Assistance in Partnership with Illinois Legal Services Community - Mobile App Development

Pine Tree Legal Assistance and its partner, Illinois Legal Aid Online, developed some of the first mobile apps in legal services. Illinois Legal Aid Online launched the Illinois Legal Aid app and the Illinois Pro Bono app, and PTLA launched the Legal Aid News App, available on Android and Apple iOS. PTLA also developed mobile web applications as part of TIG 10015 -- the Legal Aid Finder App and the HelpMELaw app for Maine specific legal information are viewable across smartphone platforms, available on Android and as web apps. The Illinois Legal Aid app is designed for lower-income residents who need legal assistance and offers plain- language legal information and Illinois-specific referrals to courthouse legal self-help centers and legal aid agencies. The Pro Bono app provides legal professionals with a volunteer opportunity search tool, a calendar of upcoming legal events, including [CLEs], and comprehensive legal resource guides in the most common areas of pro bono practice. Prior to TIG 10015, PTLA piloted the development of its mobile web statewide website and created a national guide on website development (TIG 08005).

Final Report: TIG 10015: PTLA-Illinois Mobile Project

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