Data (Replicable TIG Projects)

TIG 15011 – Legal Aid Society of Cleveland – Text Messaging for Outcomes Initiative

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland successfully implemented a pilot project to text clients who received advice or brief service so it could learn the outcome of the help provided. The pilot collects outcome data related to housing conditions, eviction, foreclosure, simple divorces, criminal record sealing, and debt problems. It also collects feedback on the program’s community education presentations and shared information about services via text — facilitated by Cleveland's new tech-savvy approach to communication. The organization received over a 60% response rate on outcomes-related text messages and was featured in LSC's Innovations in Legal Aid blog

Final Report: TIG 15011 Cleveland SMS Outcomes Project

TIG 15062 – New Mexico Legal Aid – Statewide Data Sharing Project 

New Mexico Legal Aid (NMLA) utilized TIG funding to improve the predictive power of its multi-agency New Mexico Data Sharing Project by creating and incorporating enhanced knowledge management capabilities to expand the results achievable by the current system. The new data analysis tools alert NMLA and partner agencies automatically and in real time when there are correlations between client or community characteristics and emerging trends linked to common legal problems. These tools can also create reports that aggregate and analyze internal data from five legal services organizations that are part of a statewide data sharing collaborative, in addition to data from the US Census. The data definition mapping code produced by NMLA ensures the reports are meaningful and provide useful results.

Final Report: TIG 15062 New Mexico Data Sharing Project

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