How Legal Aid Helps Veterans

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A Message from LSC's Board Chair, John G. Levi

LSC and its 132 grantees in every state across the country assist the nation’s 1.7 million vets eligible for LSC-funded services with these and many other civil legal issues.

Among our initiatives: launching in 2010, the first national website focused on helping veterans and military families; providing on-site legal help at veterans’ centers; establishing medical-legal partnerships with veterans’ health centers; operating legal hotlines for veterans; taking part in Stand Down events for homeless veterans; organizing pro bono assistance; and other outreach and advocacy programs. 

LSC and its grantees stand with our veterans every day, and on this day, join all Americans in saluting their service.

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Serving Those Who Have Served Our Country

Q&A with veteran Bryan Noyes, a former Pine Tree Legal Aid Client

When Bryan Noyes returned to Maine after military deployment, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and faced significant barriers to establishing financial stability. While struggling to support himself, Bryan discovered that he was heavily in debt. He turned to Pine Tree Legal Assistance for help.
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