Talk Justice: Episode Sixty-Five

Talk Justice Episode 65 Ensuring that Foster Youth Know their Rights

Ensuring That Foster Youth Know Their Rights

Experts from Bay Area Legal Services and Florida Youth SHINE discuss developments in access to legal information for foster youth on LSC’s “Talk Justice” podcast. A new website and app, FosterPower, enables Florida’s foster youth to easily access information on their rights, and the state of Florida has passed a bill requiring more information for foster youth.


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Headshot of Taylor Sartor
Taylor Sartor

Taylor Sartor is a staff attorney at the L David Shear Children’s Law Center in Florida, where she represents children in foster care. She specializes in issues related to human trafficking, disabilities, commitment in psychiatric facilities, aging out of foster care, school-to-prison pipeline prevention, and more. She also is the creator of FosterPower, an app and a website that informs kids about their legal rights, benefits, and protections.






Headshot of Rebekka Behr
Rebekka Behr

Rebekka Behr works in Human Resources within the Florida Department of Health and is the Statewide Chair of and serves as a Peer Specialist with Florida Youth SHINE, a youth-led, peer-driven organization that empowers current and former youth in foster care to become leaders and advocates within their communities. Rebekka is also on a few other Foster Youth Advisory Boards at the statewide and National levels. Her interest in foster care reform and youth advocacy dates back to her own time in foster care.








Headshot of Molly McDonough
Molly McDonough

Molly McDonough is the senior creative services manager at a large law firm. She previously worked as an independent media consultant for lawyers, legal organizations and legal tech companies. Before that, Molly was editor/publisher of the ABA Journal, where she oversaw the publication’s editorial and business operations. Molly spent much of her career in daily news and legal journalism, including stints at American Lawyer Media and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. She is active in the Society of Professional Journalists, serving as the Chicago Headline Club Foundation president.