Talk Justice: Episode Fifty-Eight

Talk Justice Episode 58 Cover AI’s Potential for Access to Justice

AI’s Potential for Access to Justice

Experts discuss the potential impact of generative AI on legal services on the latest episode of LSC’s “Talk Justice” podcast, released today. Talk Justice Co-host Cat Moon is joined by guests Sam Flynn, COO and co-founder of the no-code automation platform, Josef; Natalie Anne Knowlton, founder of Access to Justice Ventures; and Tom Martin, CEO and founder of the no-code AI platform, LawDroid.


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Guest Speakers

Headshot of Natalie Anne Knowlton
Natalie Anne Knowlton, founder of Access to Justice Ventures

Natalie Anne Knowlton is the Founder of Access to Justice Ventures, which empowers entrepreneurs developing scalable solutions for legal consumers. She formerly served as a Consultant on Regulatory Innovation at IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, at the University of Denver. Before that, she was the Director of Special Projects, leading IAALS’ work in family justice and regulatory reform.

Natalie is committed to bringing empathy to the legal consumers’ experience and in pursuit of that goal employs legal and empirical research and analysis, facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, and engages in national outreach and advocacy. She has expertise in access to justice issues, legal regulatory innovation, B2C legal technology, self-represented litigation, and public trust and confidence in the courts. Natalie serves on the Justice Technology Association (JTA) Board of Advisors, was a judge for the American Legal Technology Awards (Access to Justice category), and is listed among the American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center’s 2022 Women of Legal Tech.




Headshot of Tom Martin
Tom Martin, CEO and founder of LawDroid Ltd.

Tom Martin is a legal bot advocate, lawyer, author, and speaker. He is CEO and founder of LawDroid Ltd., a legal AI company dedicated to helping lawyers automate their law practice. He is co-founder of the American Legal Technology Awards, which announced its inaugural honoree class in September 2020. And in 2022, he was named an ABA Journal Legal Rebel.

Martin is also co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers, advisor to the ATJ Tech Fellow Program, member of ARAG Technology Innovation Committee, board member of Group Legal Services Association, and mentor at the Yale Tsai Center Innovative Thinking.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Martin now lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and two daughters. He has a B.A. in philosophy from Yale University and a J.D. from UCLA School of Law.




Headshot of Sam Flynn
Sam Flynn, COO and co-founder at Josef

Sam Flynn is the chief operating officer and co-founder at Josef, and leads Josef’s business operations, governance, marketing and customer success functions. Josef is no-code automation platform that empowers legal professionals to change the way they work. Sam has worked in advertising, as a lawyer and as an associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Sam has extensive experience in the intersection of technology and the law. In 2016, Sam built and launched Myki Fines, one of the first successful examples of B2C legal tech with over 60,000 users in the first month.  Sam is an advocate for using legal tech to bridge the access to justice gap, and he serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Center for Legal Innovation (CLI).


Sam received both his Bachelor of Arts and His Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne.