Out of work, now in debt: How Iowa's unemployment system gave workers benefits in pandemic, then said pay money back

James Furry still doesn't understand how he became indebted to the state. Furry, 59, was a maintenance worker at a Dubuque nursing home when the COVID-19 pandemic began. With an order from his doctor to quarantine, Furry filed for unemployment in April. Furry, who weighs 300 pounds and suffers from... Continue reading >

New Study Links Evictions To Higher COVID Cases, Deaths

A new study has found that evictions directly led to higher COVID-19 cases and deaths. In North Carolina, the researchers estimate there were 15,000 excess cases and 300 excess deaths due to evictions from March through early September. Kathryn Leifheit of UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health... Continue reading >

CDC moratorium set to expire, wave of evictions expected

Several people may be facing evictions in the new year if a temporary halt on COVID-19 related evictions is lifted. Dan Wichmer, the executive director of legal services of Southern Missouri, said a wave of evictions could happen if the CDC moratorium on evictions set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020. “... Continue reading >

'I'm not going back on the streets' Charlotte couple fearful of eviction once the moratorium ends this month

Starting Jan.1, 2021, landlords will once again be able to legally evict tenants for failure to pay rent. This fate is a fear for many residents now left scrambling to see how they can make the rent payment and make ends meet before the eviction moratorium comes to an end. Charlotte residents... Continue reading >

10 Ways Houstonians Can Find Help Right Now

Get back on your feet with these organizations. If you are behind on your rent ... ... Start off by seeing if your landlord is open to a payment plan. “This is a good option if your landlord is willing, but keep records,” Dana Karni, managing attorney for Lone Star Legal Aid’s Eviction Rights to... Continue reading >

Crises loom as Congress negotiates COVID-19 relief package

The clock is ticking. More than two dozen programs helping people get through the pandemic are set to expire this month. So far, Congress has not been able to reach an agreement to extend those programs. It could lead to a nightmare when it comes to evictions and unemployment. When the pandemic hit... Continue reading >

The CDC banned evictions. Tens of thousands have still occurred

The coronavirus pandemic was expected to trigger the severest housing crisis in U.S. history. By one estimate, as many as 40 million Americans were at risk of eviction. Then in September, the CDC made an unprecedented announcement : Most evictions had to be halted through the end of the year. Dr... Continue reading >

Legal Aid Attorneys Chart Course for 2021 After Spike In Demand

The coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn it caused sparked a massive spike in demand for legal aid services from America's most marginalized communities, leaving a field already under-resourced facing even greater strain in 2020. At the same time, many organizations had to close their... Continue reading >

Manhattan disabled couple faces homelessness after landlord finds loophole in state, federal moratorium

Alice Nondorf and Gary LaBarge both grew up in the small town of Concordia, running in separate social crowds. However, their paths crossed years later when they connected on Facebook and began their love story. Nondorf moved to an apartment complex in Manhattan about a year ago, to the same... Continue reading >

L.A. homeless sites ‘overwhelmed’ by COVID-19: ‘These are the toughest times’

Though infections among the homeless have generally lagged slightly below the county’s per capita rate, belying early predictions of devastating outbreaks in shelters and encampments, the December surge has brought a spike in the homeless numbers as well, further straining the overstretched... Continue reading >