During Maryland rent moratorium, more landlords using legal ‘loophole’ as means to evict

In tenant holding over court, a landlord can take action against a tenant whose lease has expired, without having to provide a codified reason for not extending or renewing the lease. This legal route has become particularly popular in 2020: In August and September alone, 233 tenant holding over... Continue reading >

COVID-19’s Looming Eviction Crisis Will Devastate Women

COVID-19 is quickly becoming a women’s eviction crisis. Women are more likely than men to be evicted, and especially women of color. Eviction has always impacted women of color at higher rates than any other group in part because of the intersections of racism and sexism. In poor Black and Latinx... Continue reading >

Evictions in Fort Worth Continue Despite Moratorium

Countless people in Fort Worth are facing illegal eviction. Since March, every level of government has passed initiatives to curtail evictions. On the state level, Gov. Greg Abbott suspended evictions on March 19. The feds passed the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act... Continue reading >

Pierce County starts free eviction resolution program before COVID-19 moratorium ends

Pierce County Superior Court has started an eviction resolution program before moratoriums in response to the COVID-19 pandemic end. “Currently there are both federal and state mandates suspending evictions based on the non-payment of rent,” the court said in a news release Thursday. “Once those... Continue reading >

Why few farmworkers isolate in California’s free COVID-19 hotel rooms

A joint investigation by the Documenting COVID-19 project at the Brown Institute, CalMatters and The Salinas Californian reveals just around 80 of the state’s over 800,000 farmworkers have quarantined or isolated in hotel rooms for agricultural workers since the program was announced in July. In... Continue reading >

In public housing, a small debt can get poor tenants evicted

Public housing is supposed to be a solution to homelessness, not a cause of it. But in Crisfield, a city of 2,600 on the Chesapeake Bay, the housing authority is one of the leading eviction filers. It files cases against tenants so often that officials hired a contractor to automate the process... Continue reading >

Talk Justice, an LSC Podcast, Episode 8: Legal Tech Experts Preview Innovations in Technology Conference

Podcast guest speakers and host, Jason Tashea
In the latest episode of LSC’s “Talk Justice” podcast, moderator Jason Tashea and three legal technology experts discuss the upcoming conference’s value and broader questions about technology’s role in expanding access to justice. Tashea is joined by Bob Ambrogi, a lawyer and a legal tech... Continue reading >

CORONAVIRUS Some NC rent relief recipients have no 'HOPE' of using money

A North Carolina program is helping 3,000 families pay their rent and utilities, but some landlords are failing to accept the government's help. North Carolina reports its Housing Opportunities and Prevention of Evictions (HOPE) Program has paid out more than $9.16 million in rental assistance so... Continue reading >

A crisis hits the home: As pandemic rages, a federal moratorium on evictions is about to expire

After nine-plus months of dealing with the tumultuous life upheaval caused by the pandemic — on-again, off-again jobs, opening and closing of public schools, and the overall anxiety posed by COVID-19 — Paige Spaulding and her husband, Jordan Jones, are now facing an even scarier prospect: eviction... Continue reading >

160,000 Georgians could be at risk of eviction if current ban expires at end of month

Time is running out for Congress to help struggling Americans, with current COVID-19 relief measures set to expire Dec. 31. That includes a ban on evictions. Channel 2′s Matt Johnson spoke to people and organizations who are worried about a surge of evictions next month. “It’s extremely hard,”... Continue reading >