Knowledge Management (Replicable TIG Projects)

TIG 14010 - Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance - SharePoint Online Knowledge Management

TIG funding supported Land of Lincoln in the development of a program-wide knowledge management system built on SharePoint Online (SPO). This well-designed knowledge system promotes increased efficiency at intake and allows advocates across the program to access, search and filter resources and documents using a web browser interface. The system incorporates workflows developed through the organization's ongoing business process analysis. By integrating SPO, users can access the system anywhere with a web browser, eliminating the need for VPNs to access through the firewall. SPO’s integration has also simplified back-end technology and has yielded cost reduction through the retirement of legacy systems. 

Final Report: TIG 14010: Land of Lincoln SharePoint Online Project

TIG 14011 - Legal Services of Northern California – G Suite Integration Project

Legal Services of Northern California developed an improved set of integrations of the Pika CMS with three core Google G Suite applications - Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar. The integration of these three different applications with Pika enables LSNC advocates to seamlessly synchronize or replicate content to Pika case records. Specifically, staff can now 1) search for and copy the contents of a Gmail message or any file attachment to a specific case record, 2) have direct access from within Pika to a client-specific Google Drive folder 3) manage those Google application files directly from within Pika, and 4) receive case-specific Gmail notifications of new ticklers from Pika, which can be automatically distributed to all users associated with the case.

Final Report: TIG 14011: Northern California G Suite Integration

TIG 13041 - Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago - "LAFPoint" Knowledge System

In late 2015, LAF launched its TIG-funded SharePoint knowledge management system, “LAFPoint.” SharePoint is a customizable knowledge management tool that allows organizations to collaborate with clients and community partners, to train staff, and to manage and store information. LAF was one of the first LSC-funded organizations to adopt a SharePoint Enterprise 2013 system, which has all staff, not just case handlers, as its primary users. The organization used an iterative approach to design LAFPoint to take advantage of SharePoint’s flexibility and ease of customization. Major accomplishments include creating the LAFPoint Home Page that is a central location to share information about LAF and building customizable subsites for LAF’s work groups, task forces, and committees.

Final Report: TIG 13041 LAF Chicago SharePoint Project

TIG 11076 - Northwest Justice Project - Information, Knowledge, Etcetera (IKE)

Northwest Justice Project developed a secure, enterprise-level knowledge management system that improved the effectiveness and efficiency of its client services.The Information, Knowledge, Etcetera (IKE) system is a statewide information management portal built on Microsoft SharePoint technology. IKE leverages SharePoint to allow advocates in NJP’s 17 offices to share work product and resources and have a designated collaborative workspace to coordinate on projects. Experts in different practice areas can work together regardless of their location in the state, allowing NJP to conduct more strategic advocacy, manage staff time more efficiently, and ultimately improve client representation. Additionally, the SharePoint system integrates with NJP’s case management system, LegalServer, to enhance advocates’ access to an extensive collection of legal resources such as briefs, memos, and forms. As NJP notes in its final report, the IKE system is "easily replicable by other LSC programs... IKE has been demonstrated to many programs already and has been the subject of numerous presentations at national conferences, including the 2014 TIG Conference. [NJP is] happy to spend time with any program wanting help or information.”

Final Report: TIG 11076: Northwest Justice IKE Project

TIG 07505 - Legal Services of Northern California - The Findability Project/Google Search Appliance

LSNC's Google API Project serves as a national model demonstrating how open source Google APIs can be used for practical integration of the Google Apps platform with legal services case management systems. LSNC set out to overcome the lack of integration between its domain-specific Google Apps platform and the Pika case management system, an open source PHP-based application. Specific objectives of the project included creation of practical solutions for integrating select content elements of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Groups into Pika. The Project utilized design and code techniques likely adaptable to other CMS applications. The Project also created a permanent project archive at Google Code to detail the actual code used and how it works.

The Google API Project also continues the work of LSNC's program-wide knowledge management system. This TIG funded project leveraged the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to develop a well organized, practical, cost effective, user-friendly system that LSNC staff overwhelmingly report as helping them get their work done on behalf of clients more effectively, efficiently and with improvement in overall quality. For more information read the Case Study on the Findability Project.

Final Report: TIG 07505: LSNC Findability Google Search Appliance

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