Case Service Reporting

Case Service Reporting provides key definitions and responses to frequently asked questions regarding case management systems, reporting requirements, documentation requirements, types of case services, referrals, case definitions and closure categories, legal problem code categories and codes, private attorney involvement cases, and transitional questions.

Case Service Report (CSR) Handbook, as revised 2017

CSR Frequently Asked Questions (July 2012)

CSR Frequently Asked Questions (July 2012) (pdf)

The Frequently Asked Questions provide explanatory materials and examples on many CSR issues, including the following topics, subject to handbook changes, program letters, or advisory opinions issued after 2012. Some materials have been supersceded by program letters or the 2017 revisions to the CSR Handbook.

  • case management systems
  • reporting requirements
  • documentation requirements
  • types of case services
  • referrals
  • case definitions and closure categories
  • legal problem code categories and codes
  • private attorney involvement cases
  • transitional questions

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