Subgrant Guidance

If you are a current or prospective LSC grantee looking for information on how to submit a subgrant application, please click here.

General Guidance for Subgrants

Subgranted LSC funds are governed by the LSC Act, Congressional restrictions which have the force of law, and Corporation regulations, instructions, and guidelines, including but not limited to LSC's Office of Inspector General’s 1996 Audit Guide for Recipients and Auditors and the LSC Accounting Guide for Recipients (2010 Ed.).

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In 2017, LSC revised 45 CFR Part 1627, the regulation governing the subgrant of LSC funds. The revised rule came into effect on April 1, 2017 and is available at Federal Register website.

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Applicability to All LSC Grants

Recipients are reminded that 45 CFR Part 1627 applies to all grant funds received from LSC: Basic Field, Native American, Migrant, Pro Bono Innovation Fund, and Technology Initiative Grants.  All LSC grant recipients should review the provisions of 45 CFR Part 1627.  Subgrants are also subject to restrictions set forth in 45 CFR Part 1610. This regulation implements statutory restrictions on the use of non-LSC funds by LSC recipients. 

Private Attorney Involvement Subgrants

In 2014, we revised 45 CFR Part 1614, the regulation governing, among other things, our Private Attorney Involvement rule, activities, and allocations. The revised rule came into effect on November 14, 2014, and is available at the Federal Register website.

Further, the provisions of 45 CFR § 1627.5(d), regarding restrictions on non-LSC funds of entities receiving transfers of LSC funds, contains the following exception regarding transfers that are solely for PAI activities:

The prohibitions and requirements set forth in 45 CFR Part 1610 apply only to the subgranted funds when the subrecipient is a bar association, pro bono program, private attorney or law firm, or other entity that receives a subgrant for the sole purpose of funding private attorney involvement activities (PAI) pursuant to 45 CFR Part 1614.

Fiscal Oversight

Applicants are reminded that, pursuant to 45 CFR § 1627.4(e), recipients are responsible for ensuring that subrecipients comply with the financial and audit provisions of the Corporation.  Additionally, pursuant to 45 CFR § 1627.4(e)(3), recipients are responsible for repaying the Corporation for any disallowed expenditures by a subrecipient, irrespective of whether the Recipient is able to recover such expenditures from the subrecipient.

Substantial/Minor Modifications

Pursuant to 45 CFR § 1627.4(b)(5), a substantial change in the work program of a subgrant or an increase or decrease in funding of more than 10% requires LSC approval.  Minor changes in the work program or changes in funding of less than 10% do not require approval, but LSC must be informed of such changes in writing.  Each recipient’s LSC Grants home page includes a “Request Modification” button for each LSC-approved subgrant.  Recipients must utilize the LSC Grants system to request LSC’s approval for, or to notify LSC of, proposed changes to a subgrant.  Any such requests or notifications submitted by hard copy or email will be returned. 

Case Service Reporting

The accuracy of CSR reporting is critical and recipients must ensure that each subrecipient that is performing case work has a copy of the CSR Handbook (2017 Ed.).  Recipients must ensure that subrecipients fully comply with CSR reporting guidelines.