This page contains LSC's open rulemakings considered pursuant to LSC's rulemaking protocol.

Instructions for submitting comments are provided in the published notices below.

45 CFR Part 1635—Timekeeping

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is proposing to amend its rule establishing timekeeping requirements for LSC funding recipients.

NPRM—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking—Proposed Rule

Comments are Due by February 3, 2021

The comment period will close on February 3, 2021. 

Please see the NPRM for instructions on submitting comments.

For further information, please contact Stefanie K. Davis, Senior Assistant General Counsel, Legal Services Corporation, 3333 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20007; (202) 295-1563 (phone), (202) 337-6519 (fax), or