Rulemaking Initiatives 2010–2020




  1. Revised Rulemaking Protocol (2015)

    The Rulemaking Protocol explains the procedures used by LSC in the development, modification, rescission, and promulgation of its regulations.
  2. Annual Rulemaking Agenda and Rulemaking Timeline

    The Rulemaking Agenda sets out LSC's current priorities for rulemaking and expected timeline.
  3. Revised Regulations

    For each completed revision, the docket of the rulemaking appears in the Closed Rulemaking webpage.
    Pending revisions appear in the Open Rulemaking webpage.
    1. Parts 1609/1610 (2010)
      Following Congressioinal repeal of a statutory prohibition, LSC repealed the regulatory prohibition on the claiming of, and the collection and retention of, attorneys' fees pursuant to Federal and State laws permitting or requiring the awarding of such fees.
    2. Part 1609 (2011)
      Updated the regulation on fee-generating cases to clarify that it applies to LSC funds and private non-LSC funds, but not to most public or tribal funds.
    3. Parts 1606/1614/1618/1623 (2013)
      Revised the regulations on enforcement procedures through the addition of options for limited reductions of funding, expansion of non-audit based suspensions for up to ninety days, and immediate special grant conditions for compliance issues.
    4. Part 1614 (2014)
      Revised the regulation on private attorney involvement (PAI) in the delivery of legal services to eligible clients to include non-lawyers such as law students, law school graduates, and other professionals.
    5. Part 1626 (2014)
      Updated the regulation regarding providing legal services to non-U.S. citizens to conform with statutory changes enacted by Congress.
    6. Part 1613 (2014)
      Updated the regulation on legal assistance with respect to criminal proceedings to include statutory changes regarding criminal cases in tribal courts.
    7. Part 1628 (2015)
      Revised the regulation on recipient fund balances to allow LSC discretion to grant requests for recipients to retain fund balances in excess of 25% of its annual LSC support due to extraordinary and compelling circumstances.
    8. Part 1640 (2015)
      Updated the regulation on the application of Federal law to LSC recipient to reflect new laws.
    9. Part 1602 (2016)
      Updated the regulation to implement statutory changes in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Improvement Act of 2016.
    10. Parts 1610/1627/1630 (2017)
      Revised the regulations governing subgrants of LSC funds from primary grantees to other entities to perform grant activities.
    11. Part 1609 (2017)
      Revised regulation on fee-generating cases to clarify definitions and accounting requirements.
    12. Part 1629 (2017)
      Revised the regulation on bonding of recipients for clarity.
    13. Parts 1600/1630/1631 (2017)
      Revised the regulations regarding the allowability of costs and resolution of questioned costs and the rules regarding property acquisition, use and disposal, previously contained in the Property Acquisition and Management Manual (PAMM).
    14. Part 1603 (2018)
      Removed the obsolete regulation regarding state advisory counsels.
      Adopted a new regulation with a "Touhy" rule regarding subpoenas and request for documents and testimony involving LSC.
    15. Part 1607 (2019)
      Revised the regulation regarding governing bodies of recipients to increase flexibility in recruiting, appointing, and retaining client-eligible members.
    16. Part 1610 (2020)
      Revised the regulation on the application of LSC restrictions to the use of non-LSC funds for increased clarity.
    17. Part 1635 (open)
      Revising the regulation on timekeeping for clarity.

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