Cost Standards, Purchasing, and Property Management

In 2017, LSC revised Part 1630 governing cost standards and procedures to update the rule for improved oversight and incorporation of relevant laws and relevant provisions of the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Grants Guidance, 2 CFR Part 200.

Also in 2017, LSC created a new Part 1631 to replace the Property Acquisition and Management Manual (PAMM) and to address ambiguities in the PAMM and limitations that certain provisions of the PAMM place on efficiency and accountability in LSC’s grant-making and grants oversight practices.

View the informational webinar session regarding these changes:

Cost Standards, Purchasing, and Property Management: What You Need to Know About the Revised Rules from Legal Services Corporation on Vimeo.

To download the informational webinar session material click here.

The final rules became effective on December 31, 2017 and are available here.

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