Understanding our Culture

Our organization has over 120 employees and is located in Washington, DC. 

Our workforce celebrates diversity; we value the richness that it brings to our environment. We take pride in being able to experience a variety of perspectives, and are proud to represent a strong mix of gender identities and expressions, sexes, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds, and perspectives. Our workforce reflects a spirited, collegial, and collaborative environment where all opinions are valued. 

We enjoy spending time together. Some of our annual events include: Black History Month celebration, Health Fair and Flu Shot Clinic, quarterly Bagel Fests, Summer Ice Cream Social, and Game Nite @ Noon. We look forward to celebrating the anniversaries of our employees and welcoming new additions.

We believe in working hard, but also in having a healthy work/ life balance. We have work policies that support spending time away from the office and with your family.  

We share an affinity for maintaining an active lifestyle. Many of our employees enjoy walking or biking to work on a daily basis, or can be found taking a lunch-time run on one of our local scenic trails. We enjoy participating in our wellness initiative events and monthly educational seminars. 

 Sound Interesting? Then this may be the place for you!  


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