By The Numbers

This figure illustrates demographic information of full time staff, by job function, in 2018. There are four distinct sections within the visual, these represent job function. Within these, you see the age categories, while the X axis represents gender. Hover over the bars at the center of the visual to see exact counts.
This figure illustrates the relationship between LSC funding and cases closed. The dollar amounts are all updated to 2018 rates of inflation, so you may interpret the dollar amounts as you would in 2018. Hover over interval points to get specific figures.
This figure conveys the number of Pro Bono and Compensated cases by state. The colors distinguish the breakdown of cases by Pro Bono and Compensated cases. The states are listed from the highest to lowest counts of cases. Hover over each bar to get exact figures. This visual does not contain additional contextual information, such as funding by state.
This figure illustrates the gender of named clients over time. Hover over the visual to get exact figures from 2009 to 2018. The visual does not account for other contextual conditions, such as funding changes.
This visual illustrates changes in funding amounts by sources, over time. Hover over interval points to get specific figures.
This map illustrates the percent of population below 100% of the federal poverty line. Click or hover over states to get specific figures.