Organizational Resource Development

To earn their law degrees, law school graduates borrow an average of $84,600 in student loan debt. Coupled with loans borrowed for undergraduate degrees, new lawyers have an average debt of more than $100,000, a number that continues to rise as more students seek loans to pay for higher education programs and advance their careers.
To ensure high-quality legal services for low-income people in your service area, it is important to have standards and systems in place that provide guidance for supervision, effective case management, adherence to practice standards, and training and staff development. Policies for case management can also establish areas of responsibility and expectations for all staff.
A necessary component of strategic planning is an organization's internal evaluation. To develop a meaningful strategic plan, an organization should fully assess its capacities and the effectiveness of its work. This process establishes the foundation for realistic strategic planning and success of the plan.
The data gathered during the comprehensive needs assessment process provides the foundation for your organization's board of directors and staff to develop a strategic plan. A strategic plan provides guidance in fulfilling the organization's mission with maximum efficiency and impact.
While assessing the needs of the low-income people that you serve should be an ongoing process, a comprehensive, periodic assessment of the legal needs of the low-income community is required so legal aid organizations can adopt priorities that focus on the most pressing legal problems. This leads organizations to set goals and objectives and identify desired outcomes for clients.
For reporting other services, please see page 20 of the Grant Activity Reports Guidance Document .
Case Service Reporting provides key definitions and responses to frequently asked questions regarding case management systems, reporting requirements, documentation requirements, types of case services, referrals, case definitions and closure categories, legal problem code categories and codes, private attorney involvement cases, and transitional questions.
An organization's strategic plan serves as a roadmap for the next three to five years to show where an organization is headed, how it will get there, and how it will monitor progress in...
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