New Mexico Supreme Court rules in favor of evicted family

The New Mexico Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a family of five that had been evicted from their home in Raton over the summer.

Mirisa Lucero, her husband, Matthew Lucero, and their three elementary school-age children have been living in a motel since mid-July. They first made headlines in the Journal in September because they were evicted from a home they rented in Raton, despite a statewide stay on evictions due to the pandemic.

At the time, Mirisa Lucero said her husband had lost his job at a behavioral health agency because it no longer had money in its budget to keep him.

In an order issued Monday, New Mexico Supreme Court justices granted the petition contesting the eviction. They ruled that the family should be reinstated in their rented home, the landlords should not dispose of their belongings and they can appeal the eviction judgment that was issued in July.

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