Facing eviction, Tarpon Springs residents find city leaders' names on the notice

The men in black vests began showing up to Glen’s Eureka apartments in mid-September — soon after the nine-unit building sold to a new owner, local attorney George Andriotis.

They hassled residents and asked them when they were moving out, tenants say. They left notices on some doors, warning them to leave by Oct. 8 or have the locks changed. Residents say they have nowhere else to go during the pandemic. Many have health issues.

“They have been pressing us to leave — for everybody to leave,” said Tom Bailey, who has lived at the complex for nine years.

Andriotis hired a local property management company, Tarapani Banther & Associates, to work with tenants while he prepared to move forward with renovations on the blighted property. Tarapani Banther is the name listed on the notices that were delivered to some units.

The company is named after the two government officials — one current and one former — who run it. Townsend Tarapani is a Tarpon Springs Commissioner, and David Banther was previously the city’s vice mayor.

These notices, and the visits from Tarapani Banther representatives, have created a spiral of confusion among residents about how and why they may be kicked out.

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