Atlanta Legal Aid Society seeks Executive Director

The Responsibilities
The Executive Director is charged with overseeing all aspects of the organization. Day-to-day work will include a balance of relationship building, leading organizational vision and direction in tandem with the board and staff, soliciting support, and helping to grow the profile of the organization and its impact through as the chief external representative of Atlanta Legal Aid. Combining a strong managerial skill set built on a foundation of relevant experience, an authentic desire to work collaboratively, and a passion for equity and equal justice, the new leader will bring the multiple talents required to ensure that Atlanta Legal Aid realizes its aspirations.

More specifically, the Executive Director will:

1.    Be a strategic, inspiring leader who will lead Atlanta Legal Aid with an authentic passion for public service law and serving the needs of the community. The Executive Director will be a strong leader and strategic thinker who will guide the vision of Atlanta Legal Aid and move the organization forward with quiet confidence, gravitas, and palpable passion for and alignment with the mission. With vision and humility, the Executive Director will build on the strong culture of the organization and support and develop the talents of its people. The new leader will embrace innovation and capitalize on opportunities to expand and/or recalibrate program offerings to ensure that Legal Aid is responsive to the current needs of those it serves while remaining true to its core and mission.

2.    Be a strong team builder who can help provide the organizational structure, systems and environment who will allow Atlanta Legal Aid to manage complex work as a well-integrated team. The Executive Director will help bring clarity, support and unity to a staff that spans five locations and manages a substantial caseload. The Executive Director will help continue a tradition of transparent communication, innovation, appropriate consensus building and lead in a way that encourages teamwork and inhibits silos. The Executive Director will be a proven leader capable of inspiring talent, gifted at working through others and accustomed to fostering an environment of shared vision, values, high standards and alignment around mission. Further, the new leader will continue a tradition of collaboration with the board of directors and build on a mature and successful model of governance.

3.    Lead the organization’s operations with strong business acumen, fundraising ability and help Atlanta Legal Aid find the optimal balance of mission impact and financial sustainability. The Executive Director will be a capable leader who can manage a complex organization and help attract both traditional and new sources of philanthropic revenue to support organizational programs. With capability and courage, the new leader will work to broaden relationships with current and potential supporters and find ways to achieve continued program excellence and long-term sustainability. The Executive Director will work in close partnership with the executive and management teams to ensure that the organization is well-managed financially, providing a solid foundation that will enable mission and programs to thrive.

4.    Be a proactive collaborator who leverages partnerships in service of Atlanta Legal Aid’s long-term mission. The Executive Director will work in tandem with other organizations to amplify the impact of Atlanta Legal Aid’s work and further establish the organization as a vital community resource. The leader will seek opportunities to collectively address issues of inequity, access and justice, and drive greater overall impact where possible through partnership with others. Through such collaboration, the Executive Director will raise the awareness of key community issues and bring the talent, expertise and commitment of Atlanta Legal Aid forward as a central part of helping to find solutions to problems.

 5.    Be the external face of Atlanta Legal Aid and its most public champion. The Executive Director will be the internal and external face of Atlanta Legal Aid and its most public advocate. The new leader will be gifted at connecting with members of the business, civic, philanthropic, education and cultural communities and with
all generations of current and prospective supporters. The new leader will enthusiastically share the impact of the work and the uniqueness of the organization’s programs, culture and people and find ways to engage the community in expanding the scope of work of Atlanta Legal Aid to respond to emerging needs where and when appropriate.

The Candidate
The candidate is a compelling leader with significant knowledge, passion, and demonstrated success in contexts relevant to leading Atlanta Legal Aid. Ideally, the leader will have a proven track record of leadership, working with nonprofit boards, fundraising, cultivating relationships and program management in an organization of similar complexity. Personal characteristics include integrity, the ability to think proactively and anticipate emerging trends, charisma, high emotional intelligence, and outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. The
Executive Director will have an established history of supporting a talented team and a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, having successfully led organizational initiatives and cultivated the funding necessary for these initiatives to become a reality would be a strong experiential asset. Potential assets and attributes being sought in the new Executive Director include:
•    Practical experience and credentialling in the law
•    An authentic persona that inspires trust, invites collaboration and engenders an environment of teamwork
•    Strong management and business acumen
•    Demonstrated passion for and success in public service law or pro bono work
•    A strong knowledge of the problems and needs of the communities that Legal Aid serves
•    Demonstrated compassion for individuals and authentic engagement and connection with clients
•    A commitment to public interests and strategic partnerships with other nonprofits – particularly the many different bar associations in the region
•    A strong desire to fully engage in the day-to- day work of Legal Aid
•    An understanding of the importance of social impact litigation and how it can drive change
•    Cultural competence with diversity, equity and inclusion
•    Experience and success with cultivating and growing a financially strong organization
•    The courage to lead and implement change and make key organizational decisions with confidence
•    Comfort and experience with both traditional and emerging fundraising strategies
•    Gravitas and the ability to serve as Legal Aid’s most public champion
•    Experience building productive and successful partnerships
•    Demonstrated experience as a natural consensus builder who seeks input and can admit when they are wrong
•    A commitment to professional development and the growth and development of staff
•    A successful track record of using technology to drive innovation and impact

For potential consideration or to suggest a prospect, please email
or call Michelle Hall or John Sparrow at 404-262-7392.

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