Grantee Guidance

LCS 2017 basic field grant awards are available through the grant announcement and funding decision chart.
The Veterans Appeals Pro Bono Grant facilitates the provision of high-quality legal and other assistance, without charge, to veterans and other individuals who are unable to afford the cost of legal representation in connection with decisions of, or other proceedings in, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.
ADVISORY OPINION AO-2015-003 To: Hannah Lieberman, Executive Director Neighborhood Legal Services Program (D.C.) From: Ron Flagg, General Counsel Mark Freedman, Senior Associate General Counsel Date...
A necessary component of strategic planning is an organization's internal evaluation. To develop a meaningful strategic plan, an organization should fully assess its capacities and the effectiveness of its work. This process establishes the foundation for realistic strategic planning and success of the plan.
The data gathered during the comprehensive needs assessment process provides the foundation for your organization's board of directors and staff to develop a strategic plan. A strategic plan provides guidance in fulfilling the organization's mission with maximum efficiency and impact.
While assessing the needs of the low-income people that you serve should be an ongoing process, a comprehensive, periodic assessment of the legal needs of the low-income community is required so legal aid organizations can adopt priorities that focus on the most pressing legal problems. This leads organizations to set goals and objectives and identify desired outcomes for clients.
Each year, we send an email to our grantees announcing updates to the subgrant application process as well as the submission deadline. The request for subgrant approval must be submitted electronically via our grants application system .
Legal aid organizations who are successful and receive one of our grants or contracts must assure that they will comply with our grant assurances.
To effectuate the requirements of Grant Assurances , in the event that one of our grantees merges or consolidates with another grantee, changes its current identity or status as a legal entity, or ceases to be a direct recipient of our grant funds at the end of the grant term or during the grant term for whatever reason, the organization will adhere and comply to the instructions for planning the orderly conclusion of its role and responsibilities.