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Elizabeth* is the Johnson* family’s ninth foster child. In 2011, she was placed with the Johnson family days after her birth because of prenatal exposure to heroin, cigarettes, and alcohol. Although...
Velma was approved for a loan despite having only Social Security income. After receiving the loan, she repaid the full amount borrowed, but she still owed a great deal of money in interest. When confronted with the choice of paying for her medication or her payday loan, Velma chose her health. She paid an extra fee at the bank to stop the automatic withdrawal of the loan payment.
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It was with this challenge in mind that, in 2012, the LSC Board of Directors prepared a plan to set forth strategic goals to guide LSC for five years: I. LSC’s primary goal is to maximize the...
LSC Board Chair John G. Levi at Omaha News Conference. I am delighted to be here today to formally introduce these important grants from LSC’s Midwestern Legal Disaster Coordination Fund to Legal Aid of Nebraska and Iowa Legal Aid. The projects they will fund should help to bolster and expand the already impressive disaster response operations at work in these two states.
This article originally appeared in MinnPost A veteran in Minneapolis receiving less than $800 a month in income from Social Security was forced into homelessness by a $200-a-month child-support...

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“When the great majority of the individuals and small businesses of the nation no longer can, or believe they no longer can, get a lawyer, be represented effectively, go to court, settle their disputes in a fair and impartial way, and be treated like every other citizen, we quite simply, have lost the guiding principle of our republic—equal justice under law. When that goes, the rule of law goes, and when that goes, the great dreams of those patriots who founded and fought for this republic go with it—never to be reclaimed. Something must be done!


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