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Knowledge Management

LSNC's Google API Project serves as a national model demonstrating how open source Google APIs can be used for practical integration of the Google Apps platform with legal services case management systems. LSNC set out to overcome the lack of integration between its domain-specific Google Apps platform and the Pika case management system, an open source PHP-based application. Specific objectives of the project included creation of practical solutions for integrating select content elements of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Groups into Pika. The Project utilized design and code techniques likely adaptable to other CMS applications. The Project also created a permanent project archive at Google Code to detail the actual code used and how it works.

The Google API Project also continues the work of LSNC's program-wide knowledge management system. This TIG funded project leveraged the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to develop a well organized, practical, cost effective, user friendly system that LSNC staff overwhelmingly report as helping them get their work done on behalf of clients more effectively, efficiently and with improvement in overall quality. For more inforomation visit the Findability Project Archive.

Final Report: