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Status of FOIA Requests 2014

FOIA Reference Number Date Request Received Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Status of Request
14-05 (OIG) 01-02-14 Emails in the Inspector General's FOIA Office...that contain the word "Ravnitzky." 01-31-14 Closed
2014-02 01-06-14 Emails in LSC's FOIA Office that contain the word "Ravnitzky" 02-04-14 Closed
2014-03 01-20-14 Correspondence pertaining to Leadership Directories 02-17-14 Closed
2014-04 02-03-14 Copy of documentation explaining why inmates incarcerated in any facility (jail or prison) are denied legal assistance 03-04-14 Closed
2014-05 02-04-14 Technology Information 03-05-14 Closed
2014-06 02-05-14 Immigration related legal opinions and memoranda issued by Legal Services Corporation from January 1, 2011 through February 2014 03-06-14 Closed
2014-07 03-13-14 LSC Fact Book dating back to 1993 04-10-14 Closed
2014-08 03-17-14 Information regarding LSC's Health Insurance Plan for the years 1999 through February 2014 04-21-14 Closed
2014-09 03-19-14 Case Disclosure Reports provided by Colorado Legal Services to LSC from January 1, 2009 to the present 04-16-14 Closed
14-06 (OIG) 02-18-14 Copy of any and all meeting minutes and agendas for meetings of the CCIG - Council of Counsels to the Inspector General limited to CCIG meetings held between January 1, 2006 and the present 03-12-14 Closed
14-07 (OIG) 03-17-14 Seeks communication between OIG and Colorado Legal Services 04-14-14 Closed
14-08 (OIG) 03-19-14 Seeking an OIG ROI on Colorado Legal Services 04-16-14 Closed
14-09 (OIG) 04-01-14 Requesting a list of all investigations completed by LSC's Office of Inspector General during calendar year 2013 and 2014 (as of April 1, 2014) 04-18-14 Closed
2014-10 04-24-14 Request seeking information relating to a case that was recently investigated by LSC OIG against Legal Aid of Western Missouri ("LawMo") 05-01-14 Closed
14-10 (OIG) 04-24-14 Request seeking records relating to a case that was recently investigated by the LSC OIG atainst Legal Aid of Western Missouri ("LawMo") 05-08-14 Closed
2014-11 05-02-14 Request seeking information regarding investigations/assessments made by LSC's Office of Compliance and Enforcement ("OCE") 05-23-14 Closed
2014-12 05-09-14 Request seeking information regarding the Deputy Director Program Performance and Deputy Director General Compliance positions 06-09-14 Closed
2014-13 05-13-14 Requesting electronic copy of all Case Information Reports submitted by Legal Services NYC from 1/1/2008 to the date the request is processed 05-27-14 Closed
2014-14 05-23-14 Request seeking information for the last awarded bid and proposal of Legal Aid Defenders Association, Inc. (LADA) 06-11-14 Closed
2014-15 05-28-14 Request seeking any valuable information pertaining to criminal attorneys specializing in pro bono work in South Carolina 06-09-14 Closed
2014-16 05-28-14 Request seeking information regarding Questioned Costs 06-25-14 Closed
2014-17 06-04-14 Request seeking correspondence from United States Congressman Bruce Braley and the response to the correspondence from January 2007 to the present 07-01-14 Closed
2014-18 06-04-14 Request seeking correspondence from United States Congressman Bruce Braley and the response to the correspondence from January 2007 to the present 07-01-14 Closed
2014-19 06-05-14 Request seeking a copy of LSC's denial of Lane County Oregon's federal funding 07-09-14 Closed
2014-20 06-08-14 Requesting a list of all New York City organizations that we have received funding from Legal Services Corporation 07-03-14 Closed
2014-21 06-10-14 Request seeking copies of all questions submitted and answers regarding Questions for the Record produced between January 1, 2014 through the present 07-10-14 Closed
2014-22 06-12-14 Request seeking LSC grantee information 07-11-14 Closed
2014-23 06-17-14 Request seeking correspondence regarding LSC's Program Quality Visit to Texas RioGrande 07-10-14 Closed
2014-24 06-18-14 Seeking a copy of the Agency FOIA Log for the last two years 07-10-14 Closed
2014-25 06-30-14 Copy of contract between Legal Services of Eastern Michigan located in Flint, MI and the Admin Support Team (TAST) located in Flint, MI 07-29-14 Closed
14-11 (OIG) 05-29-14 List of investigations closed during calendar year 2013 06-16-14 Closed
2014-26 07-15-14 Copies of the 2015 NIC and RFP submitted by Smith & Henry PC for the M-13 service area for grant years 2015 and 2018 08-12-14 Closed
2014-27 07-29-14 Copies of Federal Contract Solicitation/Offer from 2004-2009 08-26-14 Closed
2014-28 08-18-14 Copy of LSC’s most recent Communications Plan 09-05-14 Closed
2014-29 08-07-14 Seeking all documentation related to the last three audits of LAWO including but not limited to the independent evaluations 09-04-14 Closed
14-12 (OIG) 08-18-14 Seeking all information relating to the Office of Inspector General's investigation pertaining to Ember Ann Oakley 08-27-14 Closed
2014-30 09-18-14 Seeking information regarding Ronald S. Flagg, Sidley Austin LLP, Laura M. Kotelman, Gregory Michael Gawron, AT&T, SBC Telecom, Sidley Austin LLP Practice Development et al. 09-26-14 Closed
2014-31 09-22-14 Seeking a copy of LAWO’s response and LSC’s request for additional and complimentary information 10-02-14 Closed
2015-01 10-14-14 Seeking a copy of the findings of the recent investigation of Southwestern PA Legal Services, and former Executive Director, Robert Brenner 10-22-14 Closed
2015-02 10-16-14 Seeking a list of the Congressional Offices that contacted LSC from January 2007 through January 2014 11-0714 Closed
15-01(OIG) 10-17-14 Seeking a list or something equivalent that provides details about all of the closed investigation reports innvolving the San Diego, California area from January 1, 2014 to the present day 11-06-14 Closed
15-02 (OIG) 10-23-14 Seeking records regarding the OIG investigation in Southwestern PA 11-11-14 Closed

15-03 (OIG)


10-28-14 Seeking legal records for Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation Account XXXXXXXXX with Collection Bureau Performant 11-20-14 Closed
2015-03 11-04-14 Seeking Monthly Reports of Federal Civilian Employment forms for the month of August 11-18-14 Closed
15-04 (OIG) 11-17-14 Seeking documentation pertaining to a Audit Division Inquiry 12-11-14 Closed
2015-04 11-24-14 Seeking copies of all grant and/or funding requests, applications, contracts, agreement, reports and filings submitted on behalf of Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation from 2009 to present.  Provide copies of all complaints filed against by, or involving Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation from 2009 to present.  Provide a list of all recipients of the LSC LRAP from 2009 to present whose participating program is or was Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, inncluding the number of terms each recipient received the LRAP 01-13-15 Closed
2015-05 11-24-14 Seeking correspondence from US Senator Ted Cruz or his staff and the response to the correspondence from January 2013 through present.  Specifically looking for correspondence regarding policy, legislation, or regulations, recommendations for executive branch positions or appointments, or support or opposition to federal funding for programs, projects, or companies 12-11-14 Closed
15-05 (OIG) 11-25-14 Seeking legal records for Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation Account XXXXXXXXX with Collection Bureau Performant 12-11-14 Closed
2015-06 12-15-14

1) All documentation for the new LSC Telephone system installed in the latter half of this year that relates to the system's ability to automatically record all or most telephone calls received at or made from LSC telephones (I am not interested in any documentation that does not relate to this matter of recording telephone conversations).

2) All regulation, guidance or other written material relating to LSC standards for the use of this recording capacity, in particular any rules limiting the use of such recordings.  

1-15-15 Closed
15-06 (OIG) 01-05-15 Seeking a copy of the list or printout or database listing of IG investigations closed during calendar year 2014. 01-09-15 Closed
2015-07 12-19-14 Seeking all current records, communications, emails and email exchanges, notes, documents, and other data and information concerning himself. 01-28-15 Response preparation in progress
2015-08 12-29-14 Seeking the excel file of Funds 2015 which shows all the funding levels for Basic Field grantees for 2015 01-15-14 Closed