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Status of FOIA Requests

FOIA Reference Number Date Request Received Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Status of Request
2013-28 10-13-13 Records in the possession of the Loudoun County General District Court 10-15-13 Closed
2013-29 10-17-13 Material that pertains to Mr. Kilop, the investigations that he has requested, and all documentation that otherwise bears his name or pertains to him and his situation 10-31-13 Closed
2013-30 10-30-13 FOIA log for the period January 1, 2013 to present.  The log should contain the relevant control number, identity of requester, subject matter, status and final disposition of request. 11-20-13 Closed
2013-31 11-07-13 Correspondence from United States Congressman William Cassidy (LA-6) 11-21-13 Closed
2013-32 11-13-13 Records relating to Legal Services of Northern Michigan Inc.  12-11-13 Closed
2013-33 11-10-13 Correspondence United States Senator Mike Enzi 12-12-13 Closed
2013-34 (OIG: 14-01) 10-19-13 A list that shows which legal aid groups in Florida (if any) were directly funded through LSC and the amounts of those funds 10-28-13 Closed
2013-35 (OIG: 14-02) 10-21-13 A list that shows which legal aid groups in Florida (if any) were directly funded through LSC and the amounts of those funds 11-14-13 Closed
2013-36 11-21-13 Correspondence with Loudoun General District Court 11-22-13 Closed
2013-37 11-29-13 Correspondence pertaining to Wikileaks website or organization 12-17-13 Closed
14-03 (OIG) 12-03-13 Investigation reports or other reviews by this agency's OIG that focus primarily on another …agency, department or other government entity, compiled between January 1, 2004 and the date the search was conducted 12-23-13 Closed
14-04 (OIG) 12-04-13 A copy of each LSC Inspector General final report/closing memo/referral letter. . . done for a different agency (i.e., an agency other than the LSC" (internal underlining and highlighting omitted).  The request is limited to records created since January 1, 2005. 01-06-14 Closed
2013-38 12-06-13 Records pertaining to certain court cases; information regarding mixed jury; records regarding France Hawaii Treaty 12-23-13 Closed
2013-39 12-06-13 Information regarding Leadership Directories and OMB Plum Book Positions 01-13-14 Closed
2013-40 12-16-13 Records relating to Legal Services of Northern Michigan, Inc. 02-06-14 Closed
2014-01 12-31-13 Records in the possession of Loudoun General District Court 01-14-14 Closed
14-05 (OIG) 01-02-14 Emails in the Inspector General's FOIA Office...that contain the word "Ravnitzky." 01-31-14 Closed
2014-02 01-06-14 Emails in LSC's FOIA Office that contain the word "Ravnitzky" 02-04-14 Closed
2014-03 01-20-14 Correspondence pertaining to Leadership Directories 02-17-14 Closed
2014-04 02-03-14 Copy of documentation explaining why inmates incarcerated in any facility (jail or prison) are denied legal assistance 03-04-14 Closed
2014-05 02-04-14 Technology Information 03-05-14 Closed
2014-06 02-05-14 Immigration related legal opinions and memoranda issued by Legal Services Corporation from January 1, 2011 through February 2014 03-06-14 Closed
2014-07 03-13-14 LSC Fact Book dating back to 1993 04-10-14 Closed
2014-08 03-17-14 Information regarding LSC's Health Insurance Plan for the years 1999 through February 2014 04-21-14 Closed
2014-09 03-19-14 Case Disclosure Reports provided by Colorado Legal Services to LSC from January 1, 2009 to the present 04-16-14 Closed
14-06 (OIG) 02-18-14 Copy of any and all meeting minutes and agendas for meetings of the CCIG - Council of Counsels to the Inspector General limited to CCIG meetings held between January 1, 2006 and the present 03-12-14 Closed
14-07 (OIG) 03-17-14 Seeks communication between OIG and Colorado Legal Services 04-14-14 Closed
14-08 (OIG) 03-19-14 Seeking an OIG ROI on Colorado Legal Services 04-16-14 Closed
14-09 (OIG) 04-01-14 Requesting a list of all investigations completed by LSC's Office of Inspector General during calendar year 2013 and 2014 (as of April 1, 2014) 04-18-14 Closed