Matters for Comment

LSC seeks public comments on a variety of proposals affecting LSC grants and operations.  

For items with closed comment periods, please see the Closed Comment Period page. 

The Rulemaking section of Laws, Regulations & Guidance contains information about open and closed LSC rulemakings (changes to the LSC Regulations).

LSC will post comments at Personally identifiable information may be redacted upon request, and LSC may redact third-party personal information. Comments are also subject to FOIA disclosure without redaction.

Proposed 2018 Grant Terms and Conditions

DEADLINE EXTENDED BY 14 DAYS—comments accepted until May 22, 2017 

Beginning with grant year 2018, LSC is revising its process for developing the Grant Assurances for the Basic Field Grant program. The Grant Assurances will be renamed the Grant Terms and Conditions and will become a part of the Request for Proposals to better notify Basic Field Grant applicants about the legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements of the grants. The Grant Terms and Conditions delineate LSC and recipients’ rights and responsibilities under the grant. For grant year 2018, 

For grant year 2018, LSC has not made substantive changes to the grant year 2017 Grant Assurances/Terms and Conditions. LSC proposes adding several terms, however, including:

  • Expanded explanations of the statutory restrictions on the use of LSC and non-LSC funds;
  • Expanded explanations on the organizational governance and programmatic requirements that recipients of Basic Field Grant funds must follow;
  • Explanation of governing law, venue, and mandatory mediation requirements;
  • Prohibition on assigning a Basic Field Grant award to another organization;
  • Explanation of intellectual property rights in products developed by a grantee using Basic Field Grant funds;
  • Explanation of the grantor-grantee relationship between LSC and a successful applicant for funding;
  • Standard integration, severability, and indemnification clauses; and
  • Expanded explanation of enforcement procedures.

LSC is publishing an April 6 Federal Register notice regarding the 2018 Terms and Conditions:

  1. to inform recipients and other stakeholders of the change; and
  2. to allow interested parties the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to the Terms and Conditions.

To Submit Comments

DEADLINE EXTENDED—comments are due by May 22, 2017.  Electronic submissions are preferred via email with attachments in Acrobat PDF format. LSC may not consider written comments sent via any other method or received after the end of the comment period.  Comments are due not later than thirty days after publication of LSC's notice in the April 6 Federal Register Notice.  Please see that notice for instructions for other methods of submitting comments.

  • Include “2018 Basic Field Grant Terms and Conditions” as the heading or subject line for all comments submitted.
  • All comments should be addressed to Rebecca D. Weir, Senior Assistant General Counsel, Legal Services Corporation. 
  • E-mail: 

Request for Comment on Draft Performance Area 4

Comments accepted until May 29, 2017.

LSC is in the process of revising the Performance Criteria that LSC uses to evaluate the quality of legal assistance provided by its grantees. LSC is seeking comments on the proposed changes to Performance Area 4, "Effectiveness of governance, leadership, and administration." Additional information and opportunity to comment on the revisions to Performance Criteria 1-3 will be provided in future Federal Register notices.