Laws, Regulations & Guidance

As an independent corporation created by Congress and charged with distributing government funds, LSC is governed by federal law. Federal law also applies to recipients of LSC grant funds.

The LSC ActLSC Appropriations and LSC Regulations set requirements on the operation and responsibilities of LSC and its grantees.  

The Inspector General Act establishes an Office of Inspector General in LSC and provides the Inspector General with specific authority and powers.

LSC provides additional guidance in Program Letters

The LSC Office of Legal Affairs provides interpretations of the statutes and regulations as Advisory Opinions. 

Additional materials governing LSC grantees are available on the Grantee Guidance page.

Many LSC restrictions apply to both LSC and non-LSC funding used by LSC grantees, as illustrated by the Table of LSC Restrictions and Other Sources of Funding.

LSC also publishes notices in the Federal Register.  For notices prior to 1994 please contact LSC.