Status of FOIA Requests 2017

FOIA Reference Number Date Request Received Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Status of Request
 2017-01  10-31-16 Requesting a copy of the Freedom of Information Act APPEALS Log for LSC from 2009-2016 11-09-16 Closed
17-01 (OIG) 10-31-16 Requesting any and all documents related to the Inspection of 720 Travis Street and any and all documentation related to any inspections of the Judge 11-01-16 Administratively Closed, Subject to Reactivation
2017-02 11-07-16 Requesting documents pertaining to Central California Legal Services, Inc. 12-06-16 Closed
2017-03 11-08-16 Requesting information on LSC grants by state for 1992-2003 and 2013 12-07-16 Closed
2017-04 11-18-16 Requesting the most current LSC staff list by name and office 12-05-16 Closed
2017-05 11-25-16 Requesting a hard copy of the 2015 Fact Book 12-05-16 Closed
2017-06 11-25-16 Requesting correspondence from Congressman Pat Tiberi (OH-12) or his staff and the response to the correspondence regarding policy, legislation, or regulations, recommendations for executive branch positions or appointments, or support or opposition to federal funding for programs, projects or companies from January 2001 through the present 12-13-16 Closed
2017-07 12-06-16 Copy of LSC agency briefing materials related to the Presidential transition for Agency Review Teams or Agency Landing Teams   Document search in progress